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The Idea

The idea behind CampaignForce was hatched in the dark days of the post financial crash, a landscape dominated by the MPs’ expenses scandal, greedy bankers and the political fight for the middle ground. The concept now has an even greater sense of urgency, as politics polarises and Brexit baffles.  Such chaos and uncertainty requires political operators astute in crisis management as well as individuals who are tested leaders and effective communicators with an ability to work under pressure. The penny dropped for our founder Jonny Ball, who had used his own transferable military skills working behind the scenes in politics, and had observed the positive impact of a small group of veteran MPs were beginning to make in Westminster.  What if this talent could be unlocked even further?  What if settled veterans in our communities across the UK became involved in public life?  How might our communities benefit from their skills, experience and their values?

The last few years has seen a swathe of support from the business community in reaction to the transferable talent available from veterans and reservists alike.  Our founder was at the forefront of this movement, leading the MOD’s team that engages with the UK’s largest bluechip organisations on Armed Forces Covenant programmes, helping them unlock the potential that a military hire brings.  The common thread came up time and time again: transferable skills from the military to a second career is a no-brainer.  So why have our communities not benefited from a similar concept like CampaignForce until now?!  Now this is not a new concept and history has a habit of repeating itself.  Party politics was dominated in the post-war years by a demobilised military, but the generations have passed and the armed forces is noticeable by their absence in public life, particularly in our local councils up and down the country where their impact may arguably be felt the most.  Like industry, politics is waking up to a shortage of skills, and the electorate expects and deserves better.  Politics needs to pull people in from different and more diverse backgrounds, and what better group of people can you find than those whom have served already to step up to this challenge!

Step forward the recent conflict generation, a highly skilled and tested group of men and women, whom have served their country before, and have the potential to change politics for the better by serving again. It is from these ranks that society turns to like it has before, as it is faced with polarised politics, fake news and distrust of those who serve us.  CampaignForce has just the solution to help deal with the certain future of uncertainty in the years to come, a skills gap in public service and lack of trust in those who represent us, by inspiring those who have served, to stand up, and serve again. 
CampaignForce is a social enterprise/not-for-profit and registered Community Interest Company No.11908490.  It is not a political Party nor is it a political lobby organisation.


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So, read on, stand up, and serve again!