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‘Train hard, fight easy’ is a familiar term for the Armed Forces community, in that the more effort you put into training and preparation for war, then the better you will be for it, should that day come.  From the moment you turn up to a training depot, to the day you leave, a constant rotation of personal development & training is in the very ‘DNA’ of our Armed Forces.  That is just one reason why they are simply the best (hat tip Tina Turner).  And when it is finally time to think about leaving and looking at the pathways of transition out of the military to a second civilian career, the offer of development, training & support is there to help guide them, with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) contracted by government to deliver this vital service.  Whether it’s with their organisation of Employment Fairs, where Service leavers can network with potential employers or find out about different sectors, or when identifying training needs and attending insights events, there is provision to look before leaping; with individuals armed with new information, contacts and experience. Indeed, government has even set up a specialist team linking the MOD to employers known as Defence Relationship Management (DRM), such is the importance placed by them to assist a smooth transition.

Beyond government, private industry has cottoned on fast to the many benefits of hiring Service Leavers too and a plethora of initiatives have sprung up to demonstrate business as usual in the landscape of transition to second careers; these include offers from Barclays , Buildforce , Deloitte  the NHS’s Step Into Health, the new Project Recce as well as a coalition of employers from Veterans Employment Transition Support (VETS) network and Project Fortis to name just a few.  But what about programmes, insights or training to encourage Service Leavers to combine their innate belief in service, with their amazing skills and values in the alternative career of serving in public life, what is being done to encourage them to engage with politics?  What conversations, training or advice are available to the 15,000 who leave every year, that offer up opportunities for veterans (and reservists) to represent their communities?  Until now, rather surprisingly, nothing. 

Something must be done, as those with a military background can help in so many ways in connecting people back with politics in a positive way.  That is why CampaignForce is delighted to announce the very first ‘Stand Up, Serve Again’ political insight day, to be held at the exciting location of Facebook HQ, London on 27 April.  This is the first event of its kind ever to be held in the UK, as part of the TRAIN pillar of CampaignForce’s mission (we INSPIRE through public speaking events, TRAIN  in workshops and COACH with one-to-one professional services) and we urge you all to share this link with those who have served, to enable them to stand up and serve again. These events will be happening quarterly right across the UK to offer insight into topics such as:

  • Explaining the UK’s democratic landscape and the various routes available into public life
  • A short guide to elections, campaigning and election law
  • Guidance on how to transfer military skills, values and persona into politics
  • Political PR
  • And much, much more (as well as joining the CampaignForce Alumni community, with follow up support made available)

Our team, many of whom have a military background themselves, have decades of combined experience working in politics at every level; from Local Government, Parliament and in Europe, and across political parties and none (reminder- at no stage do we advocate one party over another).  This day course includes an intro from well-known veteran politicians, and delegates can expect to walk away with a clear understanding on where their path to a second service might take them, or whether it is for them at all.  The vital thing is this, that there is now an opportunity, like in the example set by business insight events listed above, for the military community to come and find out more.  There is no better time for those with military skills and values to be serving again.  Please share this article and help us create positive change in our politics.

About CampaignForce

CampaignForce is the only non-partisan campaign in the UK that harnesses the talent, transferable skills and moral leadership of the Services community in order to challenge the status quo that currently resides within our politics. We are an elite group of political and campaign professionals, many of whom have served ourselves, who have one simple mission: to INSPIRE, TRAIN and COACH those whom have served, to stand up, and serve again.  We are a not-for-profit and do not receive any funding from government or political parties.

To book on this event, please visit EventBrite  and please copy and paste in order to share with your networks.

We are also interested in speaking to associate trainers, venues and sponsors to enable future events.  Email for details

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