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‘Stand Up, Serve Again’
Political Insight Workshops

Secure your place at the next ‘Stand Up, Serve Again’ political insight day! These are the only events of this kind in the UK and happen quarterly as part of the TRAIN pillar of the CampaignForce approach.

*To qualify you must be a veteran or serving Armed Forces

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Course Description

An insight workshop, aimed at the Armed Forces Community looking at taking the plunge into politics, introducing you to the fundamentals of an elected career in public life.  Note that this course will not advocate one political Party or ideology over another.

Learning Outcomes

Inspire participants to consider a career in public life by informing them of the options available.

Train in some basic political techniques including an introduction to elections, campaigning and a look-at-life of elected officials.

Coach participants into thinking about where their own journey might take them next.

Stand up Serve Again!

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‘Stood Up, Served Again’
Inspiring Speaker Series Events

CampaignForce believes the best way of getting more members of the Armed Forces Community into public life is to INSPIRE them through the stories of others. That’s why we have set up the ‘Stood Up, Served Again’ Inspiring Speaker Series that is travelling the UK over the course of each year to hear from those who have taken the leap from the military into politics.

These pre-booked ticketed events are open to all, not just members of the Armed Forces Community, and all ticket sales go right back into our work helping others to ‘Stand Up, Serve Again.’. So why not come and hear the inspiring story of one of our veterans? These events are fun, engaging and interactive and we are the only organisation showcasing these stories in one speaker series.

See below the most current events that we have coming up and register via the buttons.