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Inspiring Speaker Series events, Political Insight Workshops, Mission Specific Training and 1:1 Coaching Services

‘Stood up served again’


CampaignForce believe that the best way to inspire others, is to tell a story. As the UK’s first organisation to document the network of those whom have served, that have served again in public office, we draw upon the Service community whom have already decided on a political path.

Our network is extensive, and at every level, and we match our speakers to the target audience of our event.  From political campaigners to government ministers, our speakers inspire others to serve again.  Our network includes many big names and high-profile political figures, all with the same mission, to inspire those whom have served to stand up and serve again.

‘stand up serve again’

Political Insight workshop

An intro workshop teaching the fundamentals on political life. This is run directly by us, with you in mind.

You’ve taken the first step, shown interest, come find out more about life in politics, whether that’s a career behind the scenes or elected office, we’ve got it covered.  We train those whom have served to stand up and serve again.

  • The UK political system
  • Inspiring casestudies
  • Elections 101
  • Media skills
  • Political management
  • Campaign strategy and tactics

mission specific training

Due to an overwhelming interest, we are currently forming ‘mission specific’ training workshops depending on your area of interest.  Areas we propose to cover:

  • Local Government campaigns
  • Parliamentary selection workshops
  • Media masterclass
  • Political professional development


In addition to the workshops that we run we also offer at competitive rates, services that can cover anything such as:

  • Job description writing, posting, matching for job posters
  • DTP services such as leaflet design
  • Print
  • Digital, including web design and social media
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Campaign design and planning in detail

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