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Stand up. Serve again.

Inspiring, training and coaching those whom have served to bring trust back to politics.

Our Mission

CampaignForce’s mission is to inspire, train and coach those who have served, to stand up, and serve again.  We work with people from the military community who aspire to be elected.   We aim to positively disrupt the status quo in UK politics for the benefit of all of our communities.

We are not a challenger Party nor do we advocate for one political Party over another.  That remains the choice of the individual.

Untapped Talent

‘UK Plc’ has already woken up to the potential of an untapped pool of talent available from a community of 2.6 million veterans nationwide.  Deloitte, in their report ‘Veterans Work’ have recently produced evidence to support this, with 71% of organisations convinced that hiring a veteran is a good option.

Serve Again

With around 15,000 highly skilled people leaving military Service each and every year, it’s high time we tapped into the talent and values that this community has to offer.  The reality is that we are facing a crisis of trust with our politicians and from where we get our news to inform our decisions.  Trust in our Service community however, is at all-time high, but too few of them have even participated within the democratic process, let alone been elected.  Leading thinkers are waking up to the positive impact of veterans in public life too.  A 2018 article by The Economist titled  ‘Britain’s new generation of soldier-statesmen’ sets out the stall where it states ‘Britain suffers from more than just a shortage of leaders. It suffers from a growing problem of trust in leadership in general.’ 

Our communities need our veterans more than ever before to be empowered by CampaignForce in order to stand up and serve again!

What We Do

CampaignForce is the only non-partisan campaign in the UK that harnesses the talent, transferable skills and moral leadership of the Services community in order to challenge the status quo that currently resides within our politics. We are an elite group of political and campaign professionals, many of whom have served ourselves, who have one simple mission: to inspire, train and coach those who have served, to stand up, and serve again…


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CampaignForce, through its unique position, people and proposition within UK politics, sets out to change this nonsensical situation, through an organised and connected programme that focuses on unleashing the talent and inspiring two target audiences: 1. Those whom aspire to be elected and 2. Those whom want to work professionally within public life.

So, read on, stand up, and serve again!